Statistics vs Solutions

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Statistics vs Solutions


CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics) has calculated that in 2023, as many as 16 per cent of all Dutch people aged 20 years or older were obese. They also said this was the highest figure ever, as much as three times higher than in 1981. The number of dangerously obese persons had even risen from 1 in 100 to 1 in 25.

Of course, this bad news cannot be brought without a hint of optimism: in Europe, the Netherlands is doing just fine in terms of obesity, with as many as one in three people in Malta being much too fat...

We wonder about the value of this kind of news. We would rather mention here that those who consider themselves too fat can do something about it in a fun and easy way. We could even include the link to our website, where anyone can download the book "Live2Eat, Eat2Live" for free.

Anita says: don't look for excuses, look for solutions. She wrote a book full of solutions because she had had her fill of obese people not knowing what to do about it. Download it and find out.