Anita's advice: Crema de Calabacín - a starter

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Anita's advice: Crema de Calabacín - a starter


A delicious, easy-to-make, cheap and very healthy soup.

2 servings



½ calabacín (zucchini) a 500 gram

250 grams of carrots

1 small potato

Pepper and salt to taste

1 vegetable stock cube

250ml water

1 dash (30ml) of cream or 50ml of whole milk


Preparation (45 min):

14:00 Peel calabacín (for the color of the crema). Peel potato and carrots. Wash everything and cut into small pieces.

14:15 'wok' vegetables with a little olive oil in the soup pot for 5 minutes, then add the water and the cube. Simmer for 20 minutes

14:45 Puree into a soup with the hand blender. Stir in milk or cream.



€ 0.45 for a 450 grams serving.

130Kcal pp = 2g fat (1g sat) + 24g carbs (11g sugar), 5g fibre, 5g protein 1.0g salt


(Anita is the author of «Live2Eat, Eat2Live». She thinks that, in addition to food for thought, we should serve some tasty, easy, cheap and healthy dishes.)