New release: The Swedish Sex Bomb (LSD #7)

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New release: The Swedish Sex Bomb (LSD #7)


The best spy stories; the worst spy.

Save the world? Or save Miss Sweden? It's an easy choice.

The LSD is not interested in Agneta Larsson, a former Swedish Miss who'll soon be a formidable Swedish President. The LSD is only interested in some documents in Agneta Larsson's safe. They send Benny, The Runner, to copy these documents and get out. A simple mission; Agneta isn't even at home.
Agneta hasn't been at home for a while. Agneta has disappeared. Her sister Frieda is worried. She calls Agneta's phone. Benny picks it up…
Why should he help Frieda? Let her call the Stockholm police. He'll lose his job. He might lose his life. The LSD never interferes with foreign politics. Spies follow the rules of logic. Spies follow orders. Real spies are tough. But Benny isn't a real spy. He's just a Runner, and he can't stand a woman crying…
Mission «Miss Missing» might mean a miserable, mortal mistake.