New release: The Maltese Manuscript (LSD #6)

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New release: The Maltese Manuscript (LSD #6)


The best spy stories; the worst spy.

The world's worst criminal vs. the world's worst spy. Literary, there's nothing better.

Khalid el Bullít is the most dangerous terrorist on Earth. He deals deadly drugs to children, he feeds guns to warlords in countries where hunger rules, and he dreams of a nuclear attack on a major Western city, probably New York. It's not strange if you've never heard about him: the entire island of Malta protects Khalid's secret identity. But Khalid made one mistake and now the LSD is after him.
A manuscript about a maniac leads to a manhunt to save mankind. Is Malik, the writer of that manuscript, a pawn or a player? Does Khalid play with black or white? Sami, The Runner, should leave this mission to The Agent. Noxious Secrets are extremely bad for your health.