New release: The Austrian Aroma (LSD #5)

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New release: The Austrian Aroma (LSD #5)


The best spy stories; the worst spy.

A mouthwatering conspiracy. A seven-course mystery. Luscious ludicrous.

What's the chance that an elderly lady by accident overhears a terrorist's plans? What's the chance that this lady meets a spy, whose job it is to save the world? What's the chance that you pick the ace of spades from a shuffled deck, five times in a row?
Coincidence doesn't exist. Good and Evil play a deadly game of cards. Evil is winning. One gang is responsible for over three million mortal victims each year, with their numbers rising fast. What's the chance that Watson, The Runner of the LSD, and Shirley, an old petite woman from Villach, can stop them? If you have faith, you can beat the odds.