New release: The Spanish Spotlight (LSD #4)

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New release: The Spanish Spotlight (LSD #4)


The best spy stories; the worst spy.

Stopping a war is child's play. Pleasing a child is killing.

The world is in danger. There is a war going on in the Middle East. Innocent people are dying. The only man with enough power to stop the bombing is Mr Johnsson, the Secretary of Defence of the USA. Right now, he's on a short vacation in Marbella, a perfect chance for #3, The Diplomat, to talk with him.
Mr Johnsson doesn't want to talk. He wants to spend time with his teenage daughter. The LSD doesn't give up: "What if we give your little girl the best day ever?" After his success in Brest, #5, The Runner, finally gets the chance to do some real spy-work: babysitting. Child's play? A Miss mission is as good as a mile.