New release: The Polish Program (LSD #2)

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New release: The Polish Program (LSD #2)


The best spy stories; the worst spy.

Compared with the burning rage of a fired woman, global warming is a cosy campfire.

The International Climate Conference in Krakow will save the world from every known ecological disaster. The LSD (Luxembourg Spy Department) wants to help: they send Red, The Runner, to start this story with a BANG. But when Red completes his mission, he discovers that global warming is just a cosy campfire, compared with Scarlett's burning rage after being fired.
Red tries to stay cool: "You deserve a better job. I'll help you." But Scarlett is not interested in finding a new job; she wants to find the criminal who made her lose the old one.
All the terrible things in human history were done by men. Women are nice, warm, soft, friendly, kind, with a big mother's heart for everyone. When a woman like Scarlett wants revenge, there's nothing to be afraid of.