Super Granny 3 - Old Cows #1 on Google Books

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Super Granny 3 - Old Cows #1 on Google Books


🏆 Great, Megan! 🥇🥈🥉 Congratulations! 🏆


Megan Havervlok is the most popular writer of free Dutch children's books in the world. Megan is only eight. She's pretty smart for her age, but to be the best in the world at such a young age, that's certainly not a thing that makes you say, "Pffff, Simple." Everyone will think that your next book will be even more entertaining, educational and funnier. Even better? And you were already the best. Is that possible?

With a superhero like Granny nearby, anything is possible, and with Megan's friends Astrid and Pauline you experience the craziest things, but, let's be honest, you will only become the most popular in the world because of your readers.

Thank you very much, grandmothers and grandchildren of the Netherlands and Belgium. Megan and Granny are thrilled that you are enjoying their adventures so much. Part 4 has now been released and next year, there will probably be a part 5.

Educational and entertaining, funny and free.