Reading e-books on tablet, mobile phone or PC

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Reading e-books on tablet, mobile phone or PC


A PC or a Mac is a storage device 💻 for doing work. A tablet or mobile phone 📱 is a presentation device, for watching, listening and reading. It’s efficient to keep all your e-books on your PC. Use your phone, eReader or tablet for the selection of books you want to read (the ‘reading list’).

For the PC and the Mac, we recommend the free program Calibre. It’s a library to store all your e-books in one place. You can connect your phone or tablet to copy interesting books to your reading list. Another trick is to copy books to your OneDrive or G-Drive, and from there on the e-reader or other device on which you do your reading.

Apple devices have the Apple Books app available, a solid and free app. For Android devices, we recommend the free (and also: ad-free) app PocketBook. We also like Librera Reader (which has ads). Both have the Text-to-Speech option, which reads books in any language aloud to your earphones. Reading a book with your eyes closed? Only with e-books. 😚