Megan Havervlok on 1 and 2 in Google Books

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Megan Havervlok on 1 and 2 in Google Books


The Google Books list of April 15, 2022, category “Most popular free Dutch children's book” shows Megan Havervlok on 1 and 2. We already knew that our star author is quite smart for her age, but if you are eight years old and also the most popular writer in the Netherlands, then it is clear: of course, she had help from Super Granny to reach the top. Superheroes can do anything.

We are a tiny publishing house, and also modest, but we are all extremely proud of Megan. Her fans regularly ask when book 4 will be released: it's coming, and we’re also working on the English version of book 1. Keep an eye on our website or send us a message with your email address, then you'll be the first to know


Megan's fans on Kobo give her stories a whopping 4.4 stars. Here are some of the over 600 reviews:

Great fun, original - A wonderful book to read, short stories with a positive ending. I want to give it to everyone as a present, I like it that much. (Marieke on May 9, 2019)

Super - It really is a SUPER book! I would like to have an adventure with Granny. You just have to read this book [completely].-XXX- (Loene on August 29, 2017)

Super Granny - Nice book. Educational book for both adults and children. It is indeed important in this life, to do first the things that increase our knowledge. Then experience both useful and pleasant adventures with it. This fantasy book is also fun to be made into a movie! (Dimph on July 24, 2018)

unbelievable!! - This book is so much fun! It is highly recommended for children who read. There are no pictures in it. But still Great! and nice story!! (BosBesBoy(B.B.J) on July 23, 2017)


About Super Granny 2 - Oops!:

It's Super - Best I've Read. Really great, I recommend this to everyone. (Oriana Van De Flier on February 20, 2021)

This is a very nice book! - Meg and Granny's adventures are fun and exciting! I really like the book and think it's cool that the author wants books for kids to be free. That's important too! Thank you, author, for this book that everyone can and should read for free! (Kyra on February 25, 2021)


About Super Granny 3 - Old Cows:

Wow, great - Part one and part two were also super fun and educational. But this book is also a lot of fun to read. As far as I am concerned, many more adventures of Meg and Super Granny can be experienced so that Meg can write them down in her notebook again and more parts will be published. Full of praise, and I will share the books with anyone who wants it. đŸ’Ș powerrrrrrr Meg and Super Granny. (Iris on February 9, 2021)

For young and old!! - My mom gave me this book when I just got my e-reader, and I'm almost 12! I didn't see any nicer free books, so I just started reading it, and it was SUPER FUN!!!!!! After that, my sister of 8 also wanted to read it.... And she loved that Megan was her age too... When you see the front page you think, oh that must be a picture book, but it is a real history book! Really recommended!!! Bye. (Olivia on January 26, 2022)

Fantastic! - Wonderfully relaxing thrilling adventures, Meg. I would like to read even more. Even though I am no longer a child of 8 or 9. When will the next editions come? Three parts is far too little if you experience an adventure every day ;~). I can hardly wait..... Regards, Christiaan [64] (Christiaan Boer on March 22, 2021)