Workshop «Writing with Passion»

Workshop «Writing with Passion»

Six times per year, we organize a workshop, Writing With Passion.


January: Spanish, fiction

March: English, fiction

May: Dutch, fiction

July: Spanish, non-fiction

September: English, non-fiction

November: Dutch, non-fiction.


The workshop is for starting writers and consists of seven lessons, one per week. Each lesson will take between 2 and 4 hours. Notice there’s only a limited amount of seats in the classroom.

The commercial value of this workshop is € 500,- per student, but we offer it for favours: explain what you can do to help us reach our goals, and you might win a free ticket for the upcoming workshop. We need publicity for our books and our philosophy. Some of our writers are looking for beta-readers, editors or translators. You might contribute to one of our fascinating writing projects.

Send us a message and we’ll send you the workbook in return, completely for free.

Of course, a workshop is meant to work on your skills, to show what you can do and get individual feedback about how you can improve. Does anyone think they can «shop» for skills and forget the «work»?