Editorial Perdido is a «favours for favours» organization. We do something for you and hope you pay us back the favour.

We’re interested in stories that support our philosophy, and we offer help to those who write them.

On our website, we already give lots of free info, so we suggest you take the time to read it before you start asking questions.

After doing you so many favours, it would only be polite if you do something back for us, for free. Everything you like to do is welcome: publicity, beta-reading or editing or translating, a contribution to our project «Hundred Hands Help Haiti» (read «Precious Poetry» and find out!) or even a complete shareware novel for our website.

In return, we might read your work and give our opinion, perhaps even our humble advice on how you can improve. With our workshop or our help-yourself books, you can become a better writer, for free. We might publish your book or help you to self-publish it. Even a little extra attention for you and your work via our website is possible.

Favours are priceless.

Generously, we share the pleasure of our books with you, but we want three things in return: trust, respect and commitment, the three pillars that form the foundation of love.

You have to love stories, and you have to love writing.

You have to love helping others, and you have to love learning how to help better.

Love is our condition.

Love is the only thing you’ll get more of by giving it away.

(that’s not true, by the way: try giving problems to others and see what you get back)