About Editorial Perdido

About Editorial Perdido

Imagine an ideal world. Think about what it takes. Then get started.

Words are air. They fly past you. Things only change if we DO something about it.

Books are important. Thanks to our fantasy, we can imagine something better, more beautiful, more ideal than the reality. Thanks to Help Yourself books, we learn to tackle and solve problems. Poetry helps us to better understand ourselves and the world around us. We read stories about heroes who do the impossible to help others, which inspires us to do what we can to help others too. We started by offering all these books for free. If we get some help, I'm sure we can do more.

Editorial Perdido has no profit, no turnover, not even a bank account. Our motivation comes from voluntary contributions, helping hands, and above all, the pleasure of giving.


Our Goals

- Working together, doing something for each other, voluntarily and without payment.

- All our books are Shareware, free to download.

- We are raising money to build a school in Haiti so that the people there can learn how to get a better life together.

- We help writers get better, with workshops, tutorials, and advice.

- We give writers a fair chance to publish their work.


Shareware Books: a free university for the entire world

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone could download free textbooks. Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.", and by "you" he meant YOU, reader. Shareware Books allows thousands of writers to fill a freely accessible university library on the Internet, so the entire world's population can attend school for free, but only if millions of readers support the initiative.


Shareware Books: contribute to a better world

Editorial Perdido is a non-profit publishing company, even without a bank account. Our sponsor, Admi365 (accounting and invoicing for entrepreneurs and associations, see www.admi365.nl), pays our costs and collects money for Project Haiti on our behalf.

We find reading and literature important. In fact, we take it so seriously that, together with our authors and the creators of Admi365, we launched the ambitious plan to build and run a school in Haiti. We are raising money for that project by publishing Shareware Books. Thanks to our writing and your reading, we teach children to read and write.

We kindly ask you to transfer one euro (€1,-) to bank account NL96 KNAB 0258 6957 22 in the name of. Admi 365 B.V., stating the text "School Haiti" and the title of the book. 100% of your contribution goes to charity.