The Secret Spy Story (the mysterious LSD-book #9)

The Secret Spy Story (the mysterious LSD-book #9)

Author: Ronaldo Siète

Release date: 09-01-2023
Genre: Action & Adventure, Humour
ISBN: 978-94-92389-32-9
Serie: LSD (Luxembourg Spy Department)
Nr of serie: 9

Do you think the Luxembourg Spy Department would allow us to publish their secrets? We can't even give you the title of the book. But you're on the right track. If you've read the seven novels in the series, you should have enough clues about where t

The best spy story; the worst spy.
Keep the secret. Don't tell the world about this book!
After seven adventures, lots of questions remain. How did the Secret Services of other countries react? What happened to the other members of the LSD? Do Rostov and Katja have a happy marriage? Who will win the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest? Which country will organise the upcoming FIFA Football World Championship? Who saves the world, now the saviour retired? And most of all: what was the Goddess's answer?
Instead of writing boring epilogues, the former #5 of the LSD hacked the servers of 47 secret services, decoded the information, and collected everything in one bundle. No country escapes the verdict. Even Vatican City can't avoid a sneak preview under the robe of the Pope.