Super Granny (English version)

Super Granny (English version)

Author: Megan Havervlok

Release date: 01-06-2022
Genre: Children's book, Humour, Juvenile
ISBN: 978-94-92389-21-3
Serie: Super Granny
Nr of serie: 1

Educational and entertaining, funny and free. Megan and Super Granny experience lots of amusing adventures in this reading book for grandmothers and grandchildren.

Educational and entertaining, funny and free.
Everyone likes having a superhero in the family. At least, life won't be boring. But Megan Havervlok doesn't have a family. She lives in an orphanage and that orphanage stands in Polderdam, the most boring village in the Netherlands. That makes it difficult to experience exciting adventures.
Everything changes on her eighth birthday. On that day, Granny comes to visit. Granny needs help with counting and calculations, with baking eggs and… with experiencing adventures. Granny is a superhero by profession.
Meg loves adventures. She offers to help Granny. This results in a colourful collection of short stories, each more beautiful and funnier than the other. Meg wrote them all in a beautiful book, with a front cover by the famous artist Gerard Monster, a book that grandmothers can read aloud, so their grandchildren can enjoy, and above all laugh out loud. For grandmothers and their grandchildren, aged 9 to 99.
Megan Havervlok wrote numbers 1 and 2 on Google Books' list of the world's most popular free Dutch children's books (April 2022). When we asked Megan how an eight-year-old could beat all those professional authors, she said: "Pffff. Simple. With a superhero like Granny around, everything is possible."