Ai Ni Phu

Ai Ni Phu

Ai Ni was born in Vietnam. She's married and a mother of two children. In January 2021, she started painting, just for fun. Her birds took her up to the sky-high level of true art. They inspired others with their beauty. Their music cried out for lyrics, for poetry. It doesn't matter what you do or why you do it; all that matters is that you do it with your heart.
Her philosophy teacher, the Buddha, promises us we'll get back what we give to others. Generously, Ai Ni gives everyone beauty, love and happiness, for free. Her birds are messengers, transporting smiles from her heart to yours. An artist translates emotions into «something», hoping the beholder's senses translate her art back into emotions. When you enjoy Ai Ni's paintings as much as she enjoyed painting them, let her know, let others know, and make the Buddha's promise come true. All the gratitude you give will come back to you.


Precious Poetry - From PROBLEM to POEM in 7 steps

Poetry, Writing Skills, Humour

The Why, Where, When, What, Who, How & Wow of writing poetry. Ai Ni's colourful birds teach beauty. Ronaldo's seven chapters + appendix teach technique. Together, they teach pleasure.