Ella Hodsdon

Ella Hodsdon

Ella Janet Hodsdon was born January 1934 in the Kentish Town of Gravesend, England Kingdom.

Apart from a working career as school teacher, next to being a splendid spouse, a marvellous mother and a great grandmother, Ella paints, writes, and creates beauty in any other way she can imagine.

Not only her imagination makes her art stand out. Her kindness, her wisdom, her wit, and her energy fill the white space between her colourful lines. And don't forget her modesty: she never thought her work was worth publishing; she created all this just to entertain herself.

A painting is worth a thousand words. A limerick laughs a lot with little letters. Every smile is priceless medicine that immediately makes you feel better. A book is an amazing voyage and a relaxing holiday in one. Poetry heals deeper and cheaper than antidepressants. Ella inspires like Keats and Turner, like Emily Brontë and Frida Kahlo.

When you put positive emotions into 'something' and send it to other places and times, where it evokes positive emotions in others, you're an Artist and your 'something' is Art. That leaves one final question:


Read and enjoy a hundred pages of wealth.

Admire the drawings, decide for yourself:

Isn't this lovable?

Isn't this quotable?

To earn Ella a prominent place on your shelf?


If the answer is «Yes», please forward this book or its download link to all your loved ones. If the answer is «No», read on until you change your mind.


Corks! - 100 illustrated limericks

Poesía, Humor

With 100 illustrated limericks shows Ella Hodsdon the people she's met, the places she's visited and the images nobody could imagine without Ella's imagination.